Travertine Stone

Travertine is a dense and compacted form of limestone which is found in banded layers. It is mostly available in white or cream color, but the beautiful attractive red, walnut and lemon colors are available in Iran due to existence of high percentage of iron oxide pigments. Travertine is mainly consist of calcium carbonate when separates from water through evaporation. Travertines are available in two forms of cross cut and vein cut. It is mostly used as a decorative building material. Its high resistance against heat, cold, humidity and rain in addition to its beautiful appearance and ideal polishing causes this type of stone to be used by architects globally. Travertines are mostly used as an interior and exterior construction material. It can be used as a wall cladding and flooring to give a decorative appearance. The most indoor usages are floors and walls, bathrooms and showers, fireplaces, stairs and sinks. The main outdoor usages are drive and walk ways, pool steps, façade and other outdoor applications.