Onyx Stone

Onyx is a unique natural stone which composed of the precipitation of calcium carbonate in the cold spring waters. The spring waters which are formed Onyx stones are much more consist of mineral salts in comparison with other natural stones therefore this type of stones that are formed under these conditions are crystalline and transparent in structure. Onyx stones are classified in the group of semi-precious stones. And the main and most important feature is the light permeability. Therefore they are perfect to use for decorative purposes. They are available in different colors such as white, pink, brown, green and multicolor. In some countries Onyx is written as Onix and Onice. The best onyx quarries are found in Iran and Afghanistan but because of professional quarrying facilities in Iran, Persian ones are extracted with higher quality. The main usage of onyx is in the luxury projects in order to provide visual richness with their unique decorative structures. The other usage areas are countertops and sinks, front desks, wall and column cladding, fireplaces, lobby and lounges. Also it is used as an ornamental objects such as vases and figurines, sculptures and various animal figures.